Update, November 19, 2009

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By Ted Weihe
Nov 19, 2009 - 3:54:18 PM

November 19, 2009

Chesapeake 20 Fleet,

I wanted to give you a brief update on our annual meeting, last Saturday November 14.  We held an election of officers and Clay Taylor has assumed the presidency.  Robin Hartge continues as vice president, Carole McCullough as treasurer and myself as secretary.  We announced the winners of major regattas (on the website), and handed out a spread sheet on all of the races (I can sent it to you).  We also provided a draft schedule for the 2010 race schedule, and a flyer by Pam Taylor to promote our exhibit at the Annapolis Maritime Museum.  Carole provided a treasury report in which we currently have $3,370 in current assets.  Members were also encouraged to send in their 2010 dues ($25 per boat, and $10 per member) to Carole at P.O. Box 123, 1189 Cedar Ave., Shadyside 20764.

There were two excellent presentations and Pam video taped them so I hope we can put them up on our website.  Jack Lynch, former WRSC commodore and well-known Star racer, described his first sailing encounters in a Chesapeake 20 on the Potomac.  He joined WRSC in 1954 and raced the C-20, Contrary.  He told us about various C-20 early events such as hosing down a dress party at Indian Head Yacht Club, and throwing chairs off the upper deck of the old Annapolis Yacht Club.  Apparently, our early 20 racers were a rowdy bunch.  He talked about a key associaiton meeting at the Washington Sailing Marina in which the class set minimum weights.  Since they were set at 850 pounds, lighter boats added lead to their centerboards.

Joe Kidwell described e yacht builders, their participation in the Annapolis Boatshow with Picardy and his plans to produce both fiberglass and cold molded Chesapeake 20s.  We are all excitied about more 20s and new blood joining our class.  He is thinking about forming a Baltimore fleet.  If you have any leads, please contact Chris Petza at CPetza@eyachtbuilders.com.

Thanks to Judy and Glenda, the food was excellent and we all have grand time.