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Learn to Sail

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By Clayton Taylor
Mar 28, 2010 - 4:08:46 PM

Learn to Sail with an INC 500/5000 CEO has benefits and challenges.

First, honesty, responsibility, timeliness and integrity are pre-requisites.

We will learn how to get out of own way to obtain sailing success, personal or business success.

Please learn how to swim and have the following gear with you upon arrival.

Preparation List:

  1. Know how to swim
  2. Bring a U.S. Coast Guard rated personal floatation device PFD, if not, we have the standard orange ones.
  3. Have a lunch prepared with non-alcoholic drink in water proof bag.
  4. Sun screen pre-applied and extra in container
  5. Racing or sailing gloves or some enexpensive garden gloves
  6. Rain jacket and clothes that dry quickly
  7. If not of legal age, parental approval form or letter.
  8. Hat with strap.
  9. Sunglasses with strap.
  10. Camera or video cam with waterproof bag (not required).
  11. Water proof bag for keys wallets etc...
  12. OTBSS - Other than black soled shoes, no flip flops or bare feet.  Get the inexepensive Sperry products from West Marine or shoe retailer.
  13. Notebook and pen.

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