1964 Post Article on West River Regatta

Posted in: 1960s
By Ted Weihe
Jun 5, 2009 - 4:47:47 PM

The first event was a Friday race from Annapolis to Galesvillle, open to Chesapeake 20s, Hamptons and Flying Dutchmen.  During the afternoon, three-tofour foot seas kicked up by the winds that freshened to 15 knots, capsizing four boats. 

Cres of tow of them righted their boats, crawled back in and continued.  Two other skippers and their crews were taken aboard CGA craft, whch towed their boats in.

Kit Hedler of Chalf Point was also given a powerboat ride after the mast of his Chesapeake 20 "Frolic" snapped.

Results of Annapolis to West River Race: 1. Neal Kramer, Serenade, 2. Jerry Weinger, Satan and 3. Bill Keyworth in Gay Lady.