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Chesapeake 20 Our Fleet
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History of Babs/Magic #111

Posted in: 1930s, Our Fleet
Babs/Magic was built in 1937 and raced extensively prior to World War II.  She was acquired by Buddy Hartge and restored in 1957.  She is among only three Moyer designed Chesapeake 20s.  She was built by Cap'n Dick Hartge and originally called Defender.  She is currently under restoration by Ted Weihe and Alex De Tessieres.

Restoration of Magic

Posted in: News, Our Fleet
Alex de Tessieres is currently restoring Magic #111 (formerly Babs and possibly Defender) built by Cap'n Dick in 1937.  He has removed the bottom and found that the keel was broken so he will need to replace all of the ribs with a new keel and centerboard box. As usually, the job got bigger once you opened up the bottom.  But, the side planks, ribs and deck appear to be in surprisingly good condition.

History of Chesapeake 16s

Posted in: 1930s, Our Fleet
The Chesapeake 16s have a parallel history with the Chesapeake 20s, but did not survive as a class after World War II.  See details and photos below.  Laurence Hartge says that "several of us 'whippersnappers' wanted less expensive boats, and the SIXTEENS were developed.  I built my Aloha, and there were also the Rascal, Dot and Adios racing against other 16 footers primarily from Herring Bay.  We had some great races...pretty inventive courses and rules, as I recall.  (Talk 1/27,2007 at WRSC).

Chesapeake 16 Shark

Posted in: Our Fleet
The history on my Chesapeake 16 is rather short.  I bought it from someone on South River (about 1972) and sailed it across the Bay to a farm on the backside of Kent Island.  After several years of enjoyable sailing, I felt the need for a larger boat and bought a Lightning and sold the Chesapeake 16 to someone on Kent Island.  I name of the 16 #21 was Shark.  Marty Hayes

List and History of Chesapeake 20s

Posted in: Our Fleet
List and history of Chesapeake 20 fleet with boat number, date of construction, name(s), builder, owners and comments on each boats history.

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