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Chesapeake 20 Archives
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Season Race Results - 2010

Posted in: 2010's, Race Results
For scoring the C20 season overall, I used a low-point system and counted the 10 best races. 

(...drum roll...) 

Here are the 2010 Season Overall Results: 
1. Bob Blomquist    - 18 points 
2. Ted Weihe          - 23 
3. Gerhard Klose    - 31 
4. Robin Hartge     - 32
5. Clay Taylor        - 35
6. Andrew Resnick - 40

Learn to Sail

Posted in: 2010's, Learn to Sail, Race and Enjoy

Learn to sail in the Baltimore Annapolis Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia area on the finest one design sailboat of the Chesapeake Bay.  Twelve major areas will covered to assist the youth, adult, proffessional, or CEO executive adult to build confidence, seamanship and skills.  So sign up as an individual, or as a group like sea scouts and learn from a three time INC500/5000 business leader in the Maryland area.  Contact or my assistant Kinta at 410-257-3000x1119

Twelve Areas:

  1. Sailing Terminology
  2. Safety
  3. Equipment
  4. Skipper - Crew Dynamics & Teamwork
  5. Rules
  6. Tactics - Pre-start, Starting, Upwind, Roundings, Downwind, Finish
  7. Wind, weather, tide and the race course.
  8. Other Boats
  9. Strategy
  10. Conduct on the race course, at the dock, on shore, and core values.
  11. Boat Speed
  12. Using what we learn sailboat racing in life and business to overcome my ________ or achieve my _________?

Chesapeake 20 Museum Exhibit Photos

Posted in: 2000's, Photos
A photo gallery showing our recent museum exhibit.  Please visit the Annapolis Maritime Museum to view the Chesapeake 20 exhibit which will be open under December 2009.  The Annapolis Maritime Museum is at the end of Second Street in Eastport, Annapolis.  

Four Aces #41

Posted in: 1990s, Classic 20s
Restoration of Four Aces #41 by Spike Wineland, Donnie Pierce, Will Rhuland and Ted Belknap in 1997-98 with commentary and photos

1996 Regatta Photos in West River

Posted in: 1990s
Grace Gay, a long-time Chesapeake 20 supporter, sent these photos of a Chesapeake 20 race in August 1996.  It features five Chesapeake 20s:  America #32, Jade #37, Columbia #47, Nova #200 and Resolute #202.

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