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Chesapeake 20 Perpetual Trophies
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National Championship Perpetual Trophy

Posted in: Perpetual Trophies
First three places in Chesapeake 20 Nationals from 1998 to present.

Margaret Hoffman Perpetual Trophy

Posted in: Perpetual Trophies
Results of Margaret Hoffman Trophy from 1961 to present.  Also, early photo of Margaret Hoffman.

Oscar Hartge Memorial Trophy -WRSA Annual Regatta

Posted in: Perpetual Trophies
Race results of WRSC Labor Day Regatta (now the Billy Heintz Memorial Regatta) from present until 1956 when the trophy was established to honor Oscar Hartge.  There is a permanent trophy and half model of a 20 for the winners.  As the cost of the half model increased to over $100 in the 70s, the individual half model trophies were discontinued.  The trophy is displayed at the West River Sailing Club.

Oscar Hartge  (1875 - 1955) operated the Hartge Yacht Yard from 1934 until his death.  Cap'n Dick wanted to build boats including Chesapeake 20s and on a hand shake, turned operations of the yard over to his brother (they had nine brothers and sisters).  Oscar and Alice Hartge had nine children including Laurance Hartge and Elsie Hartge/Schlegel/Wallis.  Elsie was the first female commodore of West River Sailing Club.

Nelson Parks Perpetual Trophy

Posted in: Historical Race Results, Perpetual Trophies
Complete results of Nelson Parks Regatta from 1991 to present.  The Nelson Parks Memorial Trophy honors Nelson Parks who promoted and built the first fiberglass Chesapeake 20s in 1988.  The first fiberglass boat is hull #200 and currently owned and raced by his son, Rick Parks

World's Perpetual and 1983 - 2009 Results

Posted in: Perpetual Trophies, Historical Race Results
Below is the racing results from the Worlds that has been held every other year since 1983.

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