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Chesapeake 20 Photos
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Buddy Hartge - Chesapeake 20 Pioneer

Posted in: Racing Legends, 1990s, Pioneers
An article in the Capital, September 15, 1994, describes Buddy Hartge at 73 winning the Annapolis to West River race in Endeavor #49.  Up from Florida, Buddy raced with an oxygen bottle under the stern.  Buddy Hartge won his first race at age 14 at the annual WRSC regatta in 1935.  He raced with long-time Chesapeake 20 competitor, Joe Atwell.  He said about Chesapeake 20s that "These are probably the best boats all around I ever raced.  There are three qualities you look for in a boat, looks, speed and comfort, and this has all three."  Also, attached is his obituary. He died October 8, 1995 and it notes that he was an owner of Hartge Yacht Yard where his family designed and built Chesapeake 20s. 

Photos of awards at Worlds ca 1989

Posted in: Pioneers, 1980s
Photos of awards ceremony at 1989 Worlds with Nelson Parks,Bill Gay, Vernon Gingell and Gary Parks

1989 Article on Keeping the C-20 Traditions

Posted in: 1980s, Modern 20s
An article in the Washington Post by Angus Phillips of April 9, 1989 on keeping the traditional fleet of Chesapeake 20s afloat.  It features Nelson Parks who has raced 20s since he was 15 including Aurora #47 which he bought for $400 from Capt. Dick Hartge.  The article describes using Endeavor as the mold for building the first fiberglass Chesapeake 20s towards revitalizing the Chesapeake 20 fleet.  New glass boats were sold for $10,000.  The article notes that 100 Chesapeake 20s were built since the late 1930s.  Pictures of Nova #200, the first fiberglass 20 and Nelson Parks are included.

Remaking Boating History - Sept. 30, 1988

Posted in: 1980s, Modern 20s
An article in the Capital, Sept. 30, 1988 about Nelson Parks with his new Chesapeake 20, Nova #200 in the background. Nelson Parks bought his first Chesapeake 20 when he was 16.  He began building new glass versions in 1988.  Nova was christened by Alice Hartge, daughter of Capt. Dick Hartge who was the original designer of the classic wooden 20.  He had orders for five glass boats at an expected cost of about $10,000 each.

Elsie Wallis - First WRSC Female Commodore

Posted in: Racing Legends, 1980s, Pioneers
Article of January 24, 1988 of Elsie Wallis becoming the first commodore of West River Sailing Club.  Her grand father founded Hartge Yacht Yard in 1878 and her father, Oscar Hartge, build the yard.  Her uncle, Captain Dick Hartge, designed and built Chesapeake 20s at the yard.  She raced 20s as a little girl and participated in many Chesapeake 20 regattas over the years.

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