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Chesapeake 20 1930s
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History of Riptide #3

Posted in: 1930s
History of Riptide #3 which was built in 1938, and later donated to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to honor John Coughlin who was killed in 1944 off the China Sea.  Photos of John and Riptide are attached.

Early Picture of Ranger #1

Posted in: 1930s, Classic 20s
Early photo of Ranger #1 from 1938 Miles River Regatta, Washington Post, August 7, 1938.  Ranger is being raced by John C. Harding, but finished second in the regatta.  Captain Dick Hartge designed and built Ranger in response to the first round-bottom 20, Vanity.  Ranger consistently beat Vanity and become the proto-type of his classic Chesapeake 20s. His crew is skipper or crew is John (Bonnie) Harding.  In the picture, you can see the earlier "v" or chine 20s and a scow.

Early Photo of Vanity # 101

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1930s
Early picture of Vanity #101 in which crews are hanging over the side.

Early Photo of Mermaid

Posted in: 1930s, Classic 20s
This photo is from the W. Battenfield Collection.  It appears to be an early picture (c1938) of Mermaid

History of Babs/Magic #111

Posted in: 1930s, Our Fleet
Babs/Magic was built in 1937 and raced extensively prior to World War II.  She was acquired by Buddy Hartge and restored in 1957.  She is among only three Moyer designed Chesapeake 20s.  She was built by Cap'n Dick Hartge and originally called Defender.  She is currently under restoration by Ted Weihe and Alex De Tessieres.

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