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Chesapeake 20 1940s
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Photo of Serenade - 1947

Posted in: 1940s, Classic 20s
Sally Sachse, daughter of Neal and Eleanor Kramer, shared this photo of Serenade from 1947, a picture that has been hanging on her wall.  In the photo, Eleanor is pregnant with Sally.  Neal Kramer raced Serenade throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  She returned to racing in 2007, and was exhibited at the Annapolis Maritime Museum in 2009.  Also, attached is the Measurement Certificate from April 23, 1946, and a kid's color picture by Sally Sachse (Kramer) for her dad on Father's Day.

Photo of Columbia, c 1947

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1940s
Photo of Columbia, #47 around 1947.  Note the small bowsprit.  Photo from collection by Helen Orme.  Her husband owned Columbia (then named Blue Water II) from 1947-1954.

President's Cup Start with six 20s, c 1947

Posted in: 1940s, Classic 20s
A photo by Jone Attinello of the President's Cup Regatta in Washington D.C. around 1947.  Boats include: Stormy #00, Shamrock #6, Ranger #1, Contrary #31 and America #32. 

1946 Miles River Race Results

Posted in: Historical Race Results, 1940s
Race results from 1946 Miles River Regatta in Twenty Foot Round Bottom Knockabouts.  Buddy Hartge in Cutty Shark was first; H.M. Paschall in Endeavor, second; and Bill Hartge in Columbia, third.  Courtesy of Bob Hartge

1946 President's Cup Results

Posted in: Historical Race Results, 1940s
Results of 1946 President's Cup Regatta as reported in the Evening Star:  Round-bottom 20s: 1st - Shamrock skippered by Delbert Zang, 2nd - Endeavor with Neileigh Parks, 3rd - Lady Luck with Jack W. Smith.

Chine 20s: 1st - Indian Maiden with Robert I. Welsh; 2nd- Lady Avon with Melvin Scheidt, and 3rd Polycon wiht J.R. Speer.

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