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Chesapeake 20 1950s
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Chesapeake 20 Reunion

Posted in: Pioneers, 1950s
Undated article (c 1954) about Chesapeake 20s after 35 years.  The Chesapeake 20 Association held reunion at Labor Day to honor skippers who raced earlier than the 1950s.

1953 Front Page Star with C-20 and Kennedys

Posted in: 1950s
The front page of the Night Final of the Evening Star features a picture of Jade with Doug Kolb as skipper who won the Chesapeake 20 class in the President's Cup Regatta on the Potomac.  In the front page, there is also photo and article announcing the marriage of Senator John Kennedy to Jaqueline Bouvier.

History of Waterlous #20

Posted in: 1950s, Ready for Restoration

Waterlous # 20


Waterlous is hull #20.  According to Jane Hartge, she was built by Cap'n Dick Hartge in 1952 (probably his last 20) and traded to Louis (Buster) Phipps in exchange for a Roadmaster Buck.  Buster had a car dealership on West Street, Annapolis.


Jane named her Galatea for Pygmalion’s classic statue come-to-life.  Louis did not think much of the name and renamed her Waterlous, supposedly for himself.  She has a slight chine, is very pretty and very fast according to Jane.  Buster did not race her and eventually sold her to William Loux in 1966.  After that, the class lost track of her until contacted by Roger  Longenecker of Reading, Pennsylvania.   


Roger Longenecker purchased the boat over 30 years ago with the intention to restore her.  He said that she had sailed out of Betterton, off the Sassafras, MD.   She was stored in his barn next to his home which is now for sale and he needed to get rid of the boat since he no longer had storage space.  The boat is in poor shape with extensive rot in the aft section, very old sails and a wooden mast in good condition. She can be restored, and the hull does not appear to be hogged.


Ted Weihe and Dan Donahue traveled to Reading on December 17, 2009 and picked up the boat (with help from Roger’s front-end loader) and trailered her back to West River Sailing Club.



1951 Photo of Lady Avon,chine bottom C20

Posted in: 1950s, 1930s
Photo of Lady Avon, a chine bottom Chesapeake 20, that appeared in The Washington Star Pictorial Magazine, Sunday, June 3, 1951.  She was built in Oxford in 1937 and campaigned successfully in the late 30s.  The caption notes that the picture was taken in the Washington Channel.  Lady Avon was owned and sailed by H.R. Shea of Arlington with his daughter Betty and friend Janet Gray, both 15.  Photo was given to the Chesapeake 20 Association by John Kramer.

Blue Water at President's Cup Regatta c1950

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1950s
A photo (unidentified and most likely in the regatta program) of Blue Water #47 at President's Cup Regatta around 1950.  Photo apparently has Bobby Orme at the helm with four siblings.  Later, Blue Water was renamed Columbia and raced by Totch Hartge, its current owner.

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