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Chesapeake 20 Pioneers
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Article about Cap'n Dick Hartge at 83-9/8/77

Posted in: 1970s, Pioneers
Washington Post article about Captain Dick Hartge in which he discusses his approach to designing Chesapeake 20s.  He describes building a 20 in order to beat Vanity.  When he did built a fast C-20, Ranger, he won five regattas in a row.  He built four dozen 20s from 1936 to 1941.  They originally sold for $650.  He said that after the war, he built four or five of them at double the cost and had to go down to Elizabeth City (N.C.) to some of that good Dismal Swamp juniper and it just wasn't to be had at any price.  So that was the end of the class (in terms of new boats).  The article goes on to note that he built 55 Chesapeake 20s and at least 25 are in sailing condition.

Photos of Captain Dick Hartge

Posted in: Racing Legends, Pioneers, 1970s
Here are two pictures of Captain Dick Hartge at the Golden Regatta in 1976 with a birthday cake that has Chesapeake 20 icing.  Second picture is of Captain Dick Hartge in Galesville shortly before his last illness (Battenfield collection).  There is also a family photo from 1955 with Jane, Totch, Susanna and Maryland.

C-20 Pioneers at 1973 Golden Regatta

Posted in: Racing Legends, Pioneers, 1970s
Photo of Chesapeake 20 Pioneers at 1973 Golden Regatta in September on the lawn of West River Sailing Club.  It the last time that most of these pioneers got together and raced.  They are from left to right:  Dick Hartge, Hartge Fifer, Eric Steinlein, Bill Heintz, Dellart Zang, John Nairn, Bob Orme, Joe Blubaugh, Emile Hartge, Eldridge Zang, John Krame and Walter Lawson.

Margaret V. Hoffman - Pioneer

Posted in: 1950s, Pioneers
Early photo of Margaret V. Hoffman at Back Creek, Annapolis c 1930 and she discusses participating in the first West River Sailing Club (Our Own Damn Yacht Club) in 1929 below.  The Margaret Hoffman perpetual trophy was awarded for the annual race from West River to Annapolis.  The trophy is now awarded to the first classic Chesapeake 20 at the Nationals.  Alex Schafer, the grandson of Captain Dick Hartge, won the trophy in 2008.

Chesapeake 20 Reunion

Posted in: Pioneers, 1950s
Undated article (c 1954) about Chesapeake 20s after 35 years.  The Chesapeake 20 Association held reunion at Labor Day to honor skippers who raced earlier than the 1950s.

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