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Chesapeake 20 1970s
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Photo of Jade #37 at1976 Golden Regatta

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1970s
Photo of Jade #37 at Golden Regatta in 1976.  Jade was built in 1946 by Captain Dick Hartge.  She was owned by Doug Kolb (1947), H. Elliott (1956-57), Martha Hardesty (1964-66), Martha Baker (1966-71), Richard Green (1985-91).  She is currently owned by Rob MacAdam who restored her in the early 1990s.  Jade won the 1953 President's Cup Regatta in Washington D.C.

Photos of Captain Dick Hartge

Posted in: Racing Legends, Pioneers, 1970s
Here are two pictures of Captain Dick Hartge at the Golden Regatta in 1976 with a birthday cake that has Chesapeake 20 icing.  Second picture is of Captain Dick Hartge in Galesville shortly before his last illness (Battenfield collection).  There is also a family photo from 1955 with Jane, Totch, Susanna and Maryland.

Wings # 808 Photo (1976) and History

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1970s
Here is a photo of the double-ender, Wings #808 with owner, Bill Battenfield and Capt Dick Hartge taken in the summer of 1976 in Bill's backyard in Abell, Maryland.  Wings was built in 1938 by Dick Hartge as one of his "transitional" designs before settling on his classic 20 footer.  In an undated letter, Bill Battenfield thanks Dick Hartge on the extensive restoration.  Wings was purchased from James L. Miller in Cape St. Clair in February 1976.  Earlier owners included C. Smith (1941) and J. Hunthperson.

Minx #70

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1970s
Pictures of Minx #70 which was owned by Bill Battenfield who lived off the Potomac River.  Photos were taken in 1976 at his home and 1982 sailing off St. Clements Island (first settlement in Maryland) apparently with his kids, Tom and Helen.  Minx was built in 1941 by Captain Dick Hartge.  She is a double ender.  Early owners include Ferrell (1941) and Barbara Meyers (1966).  According to Bill Battenfield who had owned Minx, she had silk sails and beat a Star in the Old Dominion Race (Alexandria, VA) in the 1940s.  She was lost in a storm in the 70s.

C-20 Pioneers at 1973 Golden Regatta

Posted in: Racing Legends, Pioneers, 1970s
Photo of Chesapeake 20 Pioneers at 1973 Golden Regatta in September on the lawn of West River Sailing Club.  It the last time that most of these pioneers got together and raced.  They are from left to right:  Dick Hartge, Hartge Fifer, Eric Steinlein, Bill Heintz, Dellart Zang, John Nairn, Bob Orme, Joe Blubaugh, Emile Hartge, Eldridge Zang, John Krame and Walter Lawson.

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