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Chesapeake 20 1980s
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Remaking Boating History - Sept. 30, 1988

Posted in: 1980s, Modern 20s
An article in the Capital, Sept. 30, 1988 about Nelson Parks with his new Chesapeake 20, Nova #200 in the background. Nelson Parks bought his first Chesapeake 20 when he was 16.  He began building new glass versions in 1988.  Nova was christened by Alice Hartge, daughter of Capt. Dick Hartge who was the original designer of the classic wooden 20.  He had orders for five glass boats at an expected cost of about $10,000 each.

Elsie Wallis - First WRSC Female Commodore

Posted in: Racing Legends, 1980s, Pioneers
Article of January 24, 1988 of Elsie Wallis becoming the first commodore of West River Sailing Club.  Her grand father founded Hartge Yacht Yard in 1878 and her father, Oscar Hartge, build the yard.  Her uncle, Captain Dick Hartge, designed and built Chesapeake 20s at the yard.  She raced 20s as a little girl and participated in many Chesapeake 20 regattas over the years.

Winter on Spa Creek (1985 Photo)

Posted in: Classic 20s, 1980s
In this photograph of Spa Creek, the Boucher's sheds are in the background (townhouses are there now) and located between Market St and Revell St in Annapolis.  Coughins (who owned Riptide) lived on Market Street, and Kramers (owners of Sea Witch and Stormy) lived on Revell St.  The Chesapeake 20s were frequently tied up there.  There was a railway beside the sheds so the boats could be hauled out and worked on.  The photos of Vinnie and Stormy on the railway were taken here.  Courtesy of Neal and Eleanor Kramer.

Fifty Years of 20s, 1985 article in Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Posted in: History and Evolution of the Class, 1980s
"Fifty Years of 20s" by Laurence Hartge appeared in the September 1985 Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

1982 Hartge Cup Skippers

Posted in: 1980s, Pioneers
Attached is a picture of the Chesapeake 20 skippers of the 1982 Hartge Cup held on 9/25/82. 

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