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Chesapeake 20 History and Evolution of the Class
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Osbourn Owings & Vanity

Posted in: 1930s, History and Evolution of the Class
In 1990, Osbourn Owings wrote his autobiography entitled: The Wizard Is Os: Huntsman, Fisherman, & Sometime Sailorman.  It is mostly about his passion for fishing and duck hunting.  However, it tells the story of his building Vanity, the Moyer-designed round bottom 20, and his victories over all other twenty footers for three years.  He met his wife at Cap'n Dick's shed.  He won the Wagner Cup three consecutive times, thus retiring it as his most coveted trophy.  The Wagner Cup was the championship of West River, held as a free-for-all on Labor Day each year.

2006 Article about Vanity

Posted in: 1930s, Current, History and Evolution of the Class
A 2006 article about Vanity: The Boat that Inspired the Chesapeake 20.  It quotes John Harding, owner and captain of the Ranger, age 78 (1998) as saying: "I really wanted, once, just to beat Vanity."  For five years from 1934 to 1938, Vanity held on to its winner streak.  As a teenager, John Harding finally beat Vanity in Ranger, after three failed attempts by Cap'n Dick Hartge to build a faster round bottom Chesapeake 20s.  The article appeared in SSRHS News, February 2006 which is the Shady Side Museum where Vanity is on display.

Brief History of Chesapeake 20s

Posted in: History and Evolution of the Class
Chesapeake 20s: Built for the Bay is a short history of our class.

Chesapeake Twenty History

Posted in: History and Evolution of the Class
Laurence Hartge presented this Chesapeake 20 history at the Chesapeake 20 Spring meeting, April 8, 2006.  It tells the early history of the class and how Captain Dick Hartge perfected his classic design to beat the Charles Moyer's designed Vanity.

Evolution of Chesapeake Twenties

Posted in: History and Evolution of the Class
The evolution of the Chesapeake Twenties by Laurence Hartge.  It tracks the development of the class from the Albatross double ender, "v" bottom and eventually the round bottom sailboat of today.  The document discusses key events and people who created and sustained the class

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