1949 Revised Constitution of the Chesapeake Twenty Yacht Racing Assn.

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Major revisions in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Chesapeake Twenty Yacht Racing Association including elimination of Division Two, chine bottom 20s.

1940 Twenty Foot Class Racing Association

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Measure rules changes in February 1940 with changes in sail areas and adoption of insignia.

1940 Rules on Sail Area and Crew Adopted

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On February 19, 1940, the Twenty Foot Class Racing Association made two major changes in its rules.  They decided to limit the total sail area to 250 sq. ft.. prohibit light sails, and not allow substitution of sails during a race.  At the annual meeting, they also limited to total number of crew to five.

1939 Constitution including Measurement Rules

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June 13, 1939 letter from Ossie Owings to Andrew Kramer concerning the meeting to adopt Twenty Foot Class Yacht Racing Association and August 4, 1939 Constitution and Measurement Rules.