New Fiberglass 20s Under Construction

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Mar 15, 2009 - 4:25:49 PM






Clay Taylor and the Chesapeake 20 Association has built a new fiberglass Chesapeake 20s which will be offered for sale to interested sailboat racers.  The C-20s was being built by Hartge Yacht Yard, located in Galesville Maryland, where these classic boats have been constructed since the 1930s.  Peter Bell Jr. and other experienced boat builders completed the construction.   


There are two options for interested purchasers: buy a sail-ready Chesapeake 20 or purchase the fiberglass hull, deck, centerboard, rudder and other parts with which you will be able to finish the wood trim, fittings, selection of sails, etc.  In either case, the Chesapeake 20s will be sold at cost as a way to strengthen the class.


This is a great opportunity for those interested joining a class dedicated to keeping the traditions and history of the Bay alive.  We offer all levels of competition from novices to some of the best skippers on the Bay.


The last fiberglass Chesapeake 20, “Picardy”, was built in 2003 and is now available for sale.  Earlier glass boats were built in 1989 and 1999.  The production of these boats would increase the number of glass boats to 12 (and two cold molded 20s).  There are some 15-20 classic wooden Chesapeake 20s still in existence out of about 100, many of which have been restored. 


The Chesapeake 20 Association also has four additional classic wooden 20s that are ready for restoration.  In terms of performance, there is no difference in glass and wooden Chesapeake 20s.  As a limited development class, boats can vary in hull form, fittings and many other characteristics, other than sails which are strictly regulated.