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By Ted Weihe
May 13, 2009 - 5:07:00 PM


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dear Chesapeake 20 Fleet Members and Supporters:


MAY RACING:  The first race is this Sunday afternoon in the West River cove. It is part of our Spring Series.  We will be racing with other WRSC fleets: Flying Scots, Nicra and A-Cats.  The start is the usual time of 1PM.  As you may have guessed from the lousey weather on May 3rd we did not race that day.  On Saturday, May 2nd , Clay Taylor, Andrew Resneck and I spent the day stepping masts and getting boats ready; thus, Stormy, Endeavor and Contrary are ready to hit the water Sunday.  We hope you plan to race with us.  I am looking for crew and Picardy is available for an able skipper and crew.


CHESAPEAKE 20 EXHIBIT:  Under the direction of Peter Tasi and Pam Taylor, progress is steady on the Annapolis Maritime Museum exhibit which opens with our Worlds on Friday, June 19th.   Clay and Pam Taylor, Peter Tasi, Laurence and Suzanna Hartge and I are well along into planning the layout, graphics, etc.  Pam has arranged for an intern, Dan Lozano, a student at Marymount University, to help us.


We have spent time in organizing the basic layout, reviewed and organized the historical documents of the class, and taking measurements of the display areas.  Thanks to Sally and Burt Sachse, Serenade will be featured between our exhibit and that of the Hartge family.


Pam is planning a dramatic racing picture, and a hands-on wall of Chesapeake 20 objects (tillers, rudders, boomkins) that kids can touch.  Along one side of the hall, we will have 30’ of display cases in which original documents and pictures will tell our story.  We plan to display the fabulous model of Stormy made so many years ago by John Kramer, and a case with our major trophies including historic some from John Kramer and Bobby Orme. 

Pam has designed a brochure, and she is even considering publishing a Chesapeake 20 book.  We plan to have a document with a description and history of each 20.


It is all very exciting and we definitely need help, especially the weeks of June 8th and 15th when we set up the exhibit.   Please put some time for this in your calendar.  If you have documents or pictures for the display, please get them to me.  


Our goal is to raise the visibility of Chesapeake 20s and hopefully recruit other sailors including those interested in joining us, buying new or used glass boats, or restoring one of our classics.