Model of Stormy

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Restoration of Mischief

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History of Mischief #88 and photo album of her restoration by master builder, Bill West.  Step by step reconstruction described photographically the entire process.

Four Aces #41

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Restoration of Four Aces #41 by Spike Wineland, Donnie Pierce, Will Rhuland and Ted Belknap in 1997-98 with commentary and photos

Winter on Spa Creek (1985 Photo)

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In this photograph of Spa Creek, the Boucher's sheds are in the background (townhouses are there now) and located between Market St and Revell St in Annapolis.  Coughins (who owned Riptide) lived on Market Street, and Kramers (owners of Sea Witch and Stormy) lived on Revell St.  The Chesapeake 20s were frequently tied up there.  There was a railway beside the sheds so the boats could be hauled out and worked on.  The photos of Vinnie and Stormy on the railway were taken here.  Courtesy of Neal and Eleanor Kramer.

1980 Article about C-20s

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An article by Karina Paape entitled: "Classic yachts still have busy season: 'Chesapeake 20s' in annual regatta in the Evening Capital, Sept 1, 1980.  Article discusses the history of the class including an early 1937 brochure which said:
Everdur fastenings, select white cedar planking, all bronze hardware, hollow sitka mast, all stainless steel rigging, water proof plywood deck and fine maghagony trim>" Picture is of the Golden Regatta with Babs/Magic #111 and Serenade #000 (also#29).