Early History of C-20s as part of WRSC

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The article is a summary about Chesapeake 20s as part of the early history of West River Sailing Club.  It was written by N.H. Smith in 1978 and was in the C-20 archives.

Article about Cap'n Dick Hartge at 83-9/8/77

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Washington Post article about Captain Dick Hartge in which he discusses his approach to designing Chesapeake 20s.  He describes building a 20 in order to beat Vanity.  When he did built a fast C-20, Ranger, he won five regattas in a row.  He built four dozen 20s from 1936 to 1941.  They originally sold for $650.  He said that after the war, he built four or five of them at double the cost and had to go down to Elizabeth City (N.C.) to some of that good Dismal Swamp juniper and it just wasn't to be had at any price.  So that was the end of the class (in terms of new boats).  The article goes on to note that he built 55 Chesapeake 20s and at least 25 are in sailing condition.

1976 Article in Sailing

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The article in Sailing The Beauty of Sail, November 1976 is entitled "You're probably too young to know the Chesapeake 20."  John Frye discusses the history of Chesapeake 20s with large format photos of the 1975 Golden Regatta for Chesapeake 20 sailors over 50.  Photos include Captain Dick Hartge, Paul Tomalim, Buddy Hartge, Bill Heintz, John Nairn, Charles Trammel and Elsie Wallis.  John Nairn finished first; Bill Heintz, second and Walter Lawson, third.

Photos of Spirit, Last Boat Built by Capt Dick Hartge

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Attached are pictures of Spirit which Captain Dick Hartge built when he was 83.  She is a 22 ft. double-ender and was trailer up to Galesville in 1976 or 77.  Captain Dick invited Bill Battenfield for a sail in Spirit in which time he took photos, dated August, 1979.  Bill said that she really handled beautifully and was a good representation of Capt. Dick Hartge's outstanding design and workmanship.  She was as fine a boat that he had ever built according to Bill Battenfield (Battenfield collection).  At 22 ft, she is not a Chesapeake 20 but has similar lines to his earlier double-ender designs.

Photos of Half Model of Capt. Dick's Chesapeake #

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Photos of the half model of Chesapeake #30 that was carved by Captain Dick Hartge and presented to the St. Michael's Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in November, 1976.