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Summer Series Results July 29, 2012

Annapolis to West River Race & Heintz Regatta

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Race from Annapolis and Billy Heintz Regatta

Clay Taylor in Endeavor handily won the Annapolis to West River race by staying out in the middle of the Bay and using the favorable current all the way to Thomas Pt. and then one tack to WRSC.  He observed the crab floats since the schedule tide shift was delayed by over an hour.  Six 20s participated with Osprey and Contrary in second and third.

For the Billy Heintz WRSC annual regatta, Bob Blomquist in Gracie dominated the five boat fleet in pretty heavy winds on both Saturday and Sunday.  There was a capsize, broken headstay, ripped up fairlead, among the damages as we either had to deal with large powerboat wakes on Saturday off Rhode River, or a rolling sea on Sunday off Curtis point.  See delays below.


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Below is a summary of the first day of the World Championships held at West River on Sunday August 14.   The second day was cancelled to due high winds on August 21.  See story below.  The final standings are:

Endeavor/Clay Taylor    2  2  2  1    7
Kit/Peter Bell                 1  1  4  2    8
Gracie/Bob Blomquist    3  3  1  6   13
Osprey/Gerhard Klose   4  5  3  3   15
Stormy/Ted Weihe        5  4  6  5   20
Spirit/Robin Hartge       6  6  5  4   21
Childs/David Childs       7  7  7  7   28

Miles River Yacht Club Regatta, August 6-7, 2011

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Miles River Yacht Club

American Red Cross One Design Regatta


Seven Chesapeake 20s raced at the Miles River Yacht Club Regatta on August 6 and 7, 2011.  Most towed over by Robin’s powerboat, and Barbara’s sailboat, except for David Childs who achieved one of his bucket lists by sailing over single-handed.  Unfortunately, the bucket list came without a bucket which he could surely have used at the regatta.

The winds were southerly both days, and by the fourth race on Saturday, there were gusts up to 20 knots.  In early racing the wind was out of Miles River, but shifted to off the shore.

There were plenty of shifts, but generally going left paid off on Saturday, and right on Sunday.   On Sunday, there were good puffs coming out of St Michaels, and a huge calm area in the center which filled in as approaching the finish.


On Saturday, there were two capsizes: Heather Childs that needed to be towed in (but no damage), and Osprey that got right back up with hardly any water in the bilge.

Seven races were held with a throw out.  With three firsts, Gracie led the way with Endeavor and Stormy, next in order.  As you can see from the score sheet below, there were plenty of position changes, and four out of the seven scored at least one first.   


Boat Skipper Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
Gracie Blomquist 2 1 1 (4)
Endeavor Taylor 3 5 2 1
Stormy Weihe 4 2 4 3
Spirit Hartge (5) 4 3 2
Osprey Klose 1 3 5 (8)
America McCullough 8 8 8 (8)
Childs Childs 6 8 8 8

Boat Skipper Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Points
Gracie Blomquist 2 4 1 11
Endeavor Taylor (6) 3 2 16
Stormy Weihe 3 1 (5) 17
Spirit Hartge 5 2 4 20
Osprey Klose 1 6 6 22
America McCullough 4 5 3 36
Childs Childs 8 8 (8) 46


Summer Series, July 31, 2011

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Summer Series, July 29, 2011

Six Chesapeake 20s came out for the summer series on Sunday with pleasant weather, low humidity and steady winds.  The A-Cat fleet provided an excellent race committee and had to shift the course as the wind veered from the east to south east.

Prior to the first race, it appeared that the left was favored and winds to the right were more screechy.  Gracie went right but not too far to keep out the adverse current.  By, the second race, the wind shifted further to the right and Gracie made the weather mark without tacking.  Stormy had to easy off and close reach to the mark with Gracie underneath getting their first.  On the second lap, Stormy went around the mark second and benefited from the increasing wind, did not poll out the jib and passed Gracie – holding her off at the finish.


For the third race, the course was shifted further right.  Gracie again led the way and Spirit nipped Stormy at the finish.  As the wind increased, C-20s with very light crews had a hard time keeping pace.   Racing was close throughout the fleet with fourth to six place only a point apart.  Kudos goes to Endeavor who did well with Matt, a new sailor who learned about us on the website.   He certainly got an exciting time on the trapeze.

During the day, several thunderstorms passed to the south.  For the fourth race, the wind increased to 20 plus knots left over from them.  Immediately, 20s struggled to get off the starting line with jibs and mains luffing.  As we went up the weather leg, Gracie took down her jib.  Stormy got to the weather mark first but with Osprey capsizing, all of the 20s decided to quit the race and sail back to the club.  Osprey finally got righted, towed in and bailed out.  While lots of the 20s took on water, all returned undamaged.

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