1951 Photo of Lady Avon,chine bottom C20

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Photo of Lady Avon, a chine bottom Chesapeake 20, that appeared in The Washington Star Pictorial Magazine, Sunday, June 3, 1951.  She was built in Oxford in 1937 and campaigned successfully in the late 30s.  The caption notes that the picture was taken in the Washington Channel.  Lady Avon was owned and sailed by H.R. Shea of Arlington with his daughter Betty and friend Janet Gray, both 15.  Photo was given to the Chesapeake 20 Association by John Kramer.

Sea Witch II ca1938

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ca 1938 Photos  of Sea Witch II, a chine 20, under sail, tow and at Oscar Hartge's dock in West River.  Courtesy of Neal and Eleanor Kramer.  Sea Witch was raced by his brother, Vincent Kramer.

Race Records, Trophies by John Kramer

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John and Jeanne Kramer donated their racing trophies to the Chesapeake 20 Association in 2009.  They provide a record of early Chesapeake racing in chine 20s from 1939 until 1958.

1939 Loan to Dick Hartge to Build 20s

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Andrew Kramer of the Annapolis Bank and Trust approached Captain Dick Hartge to get "serious" about building Chesapeake 20s.  While there is no formal record of the transaction, the archives includes a materials list to build 14 round bottom and 6 v bottom 20s.  Price per boat was $600.

1939 Organizational Meeting & Constitution

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Osbourn Owings organized the formation of the Chesapeake 20 class at which a constitution, officers and by-laws (including measurement rules) were adopted at the Annapolis Yacht Club on August 4, 1939.  Documents include May 10 letter announcing the meeting, meeting notice, preliminary meeting to draft constitution and the formally adopted constitution.  Most of these materials were provided to the archives through John Kramer on behalf of his father, Andrew Kramer - one of the key organizers of the class.