1989 Article "Return of a Thoroughbred

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"Return of a Thoroughbred" is a nostalgic article by Kenneth F. Brooks Jr. in the December 1989 issue of Mid-Atlantic Country about sailing 20s in his youth.  He owned a Chesapeake 20 (not identified) and missed sailing her.  He sailed the 20 as part of his recovery after the war in 1944.  He married his wife after sailing together in 1946.  Then, he sold the 20 to a teenager who did not know how to sail but later sailed around the world. He hopes that his 20 is still racing today.

Photos of awards at Worlds ca 1989

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Photos of awards ceremony at 1989 Worlds with Nelson Parks,Bill Gay, Vernon Gingell and Gary Parks

1989 Article on Keeping the C-20 Traditions

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An article in the Washington Post by Angus Phillips of April 9, 1989 on keeping the traditional fleet of Chesapeake 20s afloat.  It features Nelson Parks who has raced 20s since he was 15 including Aurora #47 which he bought for $400 from Capt. Dick Hartge.  The article describes using Endeavor as the mold for building the first fiberglass Chesapeake 20s towards revitalizing the Chesapeake 20 fleet.  New glass boats were sold for $10,000.  The article notes that 100 Chesapeake 20s were built since the late 1930s.  Pictures of Nova #200, the first fiberglass 20 and Nelson Parks are included.

1989 Article on the Heritage Race

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An article in the Capital, August 21, 1989, on the Chesapeake 20 Heritage Race sponsored by the Shady Side Rural Heritage Society in honor of preserving the West River Chesapeake 20 fleet, built by Capt. Dick Hartge.  Bunky Hines in Endeavor finished first with Bill Crandall in Gay Lady, second, and Nelson Parks in Nova, third.  The picture features Joe Marean as skipper with Paula Sclicher and Pat Renno as crew in Four Aces.

1989 Announcement of New Glass 20

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A letter from Nelson Parks of Chesapeake "20" Boatworks in which he submits a formal request to the Chesapeake Twenty Association to recognize and license his company as the sole recognized builder of the all new fiberglass 20.  He states that the hull is a true reproduction of the existing wooden 20s.  Attached to the letter is a flyer that describes the fiberglass 20 and photos of its positive flotation.  Also, the price list at the 28th Annual Washington Boat Show, March 15-19, 1989.  The complete boat less sails costs $9185 with special Washington Show price of $8250.  Sails are $1100 and trailer, $875.