Chesapeake 20s for Sale

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1.    Grace # 302 for Sale.  $15,000 or best offer.  Contact Bob Blomquist at 410 788-4585 or 410 241-9617.  Gracie is at West River Sailing Club for inspection and includes trailer and two sets of sails.  She is a very fast Chesapeake 20 and the winner of many regattas.

Bob Blomquist built Gracie as the second cold-molded Chesapeake 20 in 2001.  It has built about a dozen wooden boats but Gracie was the most challenging.  He took measurements off Endeavor and had the lines corrected by a naval architect.  Thus, his boat is the most accurate representation of the original Capt. Dick Hartge Chesapeake 20 since older boats lose some of their original shape.  See Chesapeake 20 fleet on our web site for construction details of Gracie.  The materials alone to build Gracie costs about $15,000 without considering Bob and Glenda's work on her construction over 3 years.  A comparable 20 would cost many times more, especially if professional constructed.


2.   Clay Taylor has bought the Chesapeake 20 molds and Peter Bell Jr. built a new fiberglass 20 in 2010.  She will be available for sale and racing in the 2011 season.  The boat has a mast but requires sails, boom and other fittings.  New owner can fit out the 20 as desired to suit their concept.  Contact Clay directly if you are interested in buying this glass 20, #211.


3.   Restoration of Shamrock #6, Volunteer #27,  and Scotch-N-Water #80   Clay Taylor and the Chesapeake 20 Association have acquired several Chesapeake 20s that are available for restoration.  We have a firm estimate for the restoration of the hulls only from Windward Yachts, a restoration company about an hour north of Toronto.  Windward Yachts restored the C-20 Yankee #88 to original construction including steam bent oak ribs, centerboard, etc.  We have an estimate of $15,000 for a restored Chesapeake 20 hull.  We are prepared to help in the transport of one or more of the classic Chesapeake 20s above for a truly interested buyer. 






New Fiberglass 20s Under Construction

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Clay Taylor and the Chesapeake 20 Association has built a new fiberglass 20 by Peter Bell Jr. of Hartge Yacht Yard, and is now available to purchase by interested sailboat racers.  Clay Taylor now have two molds: a female and male molds which are available for building either a glass or cold molded 20.