C-20 Pioneer, John Kramer Dies

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John Kramer, 88, died on January 17, 2009.  Andrew Kramer, John's Father and his brothers, Neal and Vincent, were Chesapeake 20 pioneers. 

Neal Kramer - Chesapeake 20 Pioneer

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Neal Kramer died on June 8, 2011.  He was the last surviving brother of the Kramer family in which four of the five raced Chesapeake 20s.  His father, Andrew Kramer who was president of the Annapolis Bank and Trust, financed the construction of twenty Chesapeake 20s in 1939.  Neal raced Penguins and Chesapeake 20 and owned Serenade in which he was a successful racer in the early 40s and 60s.  Below is a more detailed history of his racing in Chesapeake 20s. 

Millie Rhoads

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Millie Rhodes

At the age of 83, Millie Rhodes died on April 8, 2011.  Millie will be most remembered as the newsletter editor for the West River Sailing Club, and frequent dinner guest at the Friday night cook outs.  Millie was a strong supporter of the Chesapeake 20 class, and for many years participated as a member of the race committee.  She owned America in the 1990s and her pier at the head of West River was frequently used to dock Chesapeake 20s.  She also hosted Chesapeake 20 get-togethers at her home.

Buddy Hartge - Chesapeake 20 Pioneer

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An article in the Capital, September 15, 1994, describes Buddy Hartge at 73 winning the Annapolis to West River race in Endeavor #49.  Up from Florida, Buddy raced with an oxygen bottle under the stern.  Buddy Hartge won his first race at age 14 at the annual WRSC regatta in 1935.  He raced with long-time Chesapeake 20 competitor, Joe Atwell.  He said about Chesapeake 20s that "These are probably the best boats all around I ever raced.  There are three qualities you look for in a boat, looks, speed and comfort, and this has all three."  Also, attached is his obituary. He died October 8, 1995 and it notes that he was an owner of Hartge Yacht Yard where his family designed and built Chesapeake 20s. 

Alex Schlegel - Nephew of Captain Dick Hartge

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Alex Schlegel, nephew of Captain Dick Hartge and son of Elsie Wallis, won the Shady Side Rural Heritage Regatta in August 13, 1992.  The article in the Capital describes the one day, three race event with a picture of Alex and his crews, Warren Williams and Fred Arnold.  Alex and Donna own Resolute#202 which is also pictured in the article.