Capsizing of Stormy

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On Father's Day, Sunday June 20, 2010, Stormy capsized in front of West River Sailing Club in a weird haphazard way.  Suzanna Hartge, the daughter of Cap'n Dick who built Stormy in 1939, relates the adventure below.  Jane Hartge responds with her own tale of capsizing with Cap'n Dick, her husband.

Ted Weihe's Retirement & Chesapeake 20s

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When I decided to retire, I also wanted to shift my sailing interest back to small boat racing.  My story was picked up by Abigail Trafford, a sailor herself and author of a book entitled My Time: What to do with the rest of your life.  In my case, retirement means returning to small boat racing and promoting the Chesapeake 20 class.  I have been a member of West River Sailing Club since the early 50s as a child, and since the early 70s as a cruiser.  Now, I am back to one design racing.

Ted Weihe