1990 Letter to Chesapeake 20 Boatworks

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Letter from Richard Hines to Nelson Parks in which the Chesapeake 20 Association approved on January 26, 1990 the Chesapeake 20 Boatworks as a certified and approved builder of all new fiberglass Chesapeake 20s.

1989 Announcement of New Glass 20

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A letter from Nelson Parks of Chesapeake "20" Boatworks in which he submits a formal request to the Chesapeake Twenty Association to recognize and license his company as the sole recognized builder of the all new fiberglass 20.  He states that the hull is a true reproduction of the existing wooden 20s.  Attached to the letter is a flyer that describes the fiberglass 20 and photos of its positive flotation.  Also, the price list at the 28th Annual Washington Boat Show, March 15-19, 1989.  The complete boat less sails costs $9185 with special Washington Show price of $8250.  Sails are $1100 and trailer, $875.

Fifty Years of 20s, 1985 article in Chesapeake Bay Magazine

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"Fifty Years of 20s" by Laurence Hartge appeared in the September 1985 Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Early History of C-20s as part of WRSC

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The article is a summary about Chesapeake 20s as part of the early history of West River Sailing Club.  It was written by N.H. Smith in 1978 and was in the C-20 archives.

1939 Organizational Meeting & Constitution

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Osbourn Owings organized the formation of the Chesapeake 20 class at which a constitution, officers and by-laws (including measurement rules) were adopted at the Annapolis Yacht Club on August 4, 1939.  Documents include May 10 letter announcing the meeting, meeting notice, preliminary meeting to draft constitution and the formally adopted constitution.  Most of these materials were provided to the archives through John Kramer on behalf of his father, Andrew Kramer - one of the key organizers of the class.