Miles River Yacht Club Perpetual

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Miles River Yacht Club Perpetual Trophy

In 2011, the Chesapeake 20 Association provided a perpetual trophy to the Miles River Yacht Club to be awarded to first place at their annual one-design regatta.  As noted below, Chesapeake 20s and their predecessors, Twenty Foot Knockabouts, have been racing at MRYC since the early 1930s.

This oldest MRYC trophy was donated by the Kolb family on behalf of Doug Kolb who won first place in the 1947 regatta aboard Jade #37.  We have incomplete records of racing over the years at MRYC, but a very interesting race took place in 1935 in which Vanity won the free-for-all (which means anything goes including extra sails) while nearly sinking. 

See more details below.

WRSC Somervilla Trophy

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The West River Sailing Club's Somervilla Trophy was awarded to 20 ft class from 1935 until 1940.  It was retired in 1940 after three consecutive wins by Billy Hartge.  The trophy is on display at the Hartge Nautical Museum.

Perpetual Open Day Trophy - Maryland

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At the Hartge Maritime Museum, there is an old Perpetual Trophy for Opening Day at the Maryland Yacht Club.  It is for the 20 ft and under class with winners below.

Wagner Trophy - West River Championship in early 30s

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The Wagner Trophy is the oldest Chesapeake 20 trophy and was the championship of West River in under 20 ft boats in a free-for-all format with little rules and large sails (square and double mains, downwind).  It was won by E. Leatherbury in 1933, Cap'n Dick Hartge in 1934, and Oz Owings in 1935, 1936 and 1937 in Vanity.  The perpetual trophy was retired and cherished by Oz Owings after three consecutive wins in the same boat.  See brief desciption below and more extensive story of the final race in the 1930 archives from Os Owings autobiography, published in 1990.

Cap'n Dick Hartge Perpetual Trophy

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The first three places of the Cap'n Dick Hartge Regatta from 1986 to present.  This one day regatta is the last of the season and honors Dick Hartge who built some 44 round-bottom Chesapeake 20s, many of which are still competing today after some 60 years plus.