Doug Kolb, Chesapeake 20 Pioneer

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Doug Kolb was a pioneer in Chesapeake 20s.  He died on April 25, 2005 and his wife, Joan Mary Kolb, died on April 16, 2011.  The family donated is trophies to WRSC and the Chesapeake 20 class.  Doug Kolb raced Jade, #37 from 1947 until 1954 and was a charter boat captain for over 46 years out of Rockhold Creek.  He was active at West River Sailing Club and its commodore in 1953.  His impressive race record from the late 40s and early 50s is below.  Doug Kolb and Jade were featured on the front page of the Evening Star in 1953 at the President's Cup Regatta along with a photo and article announcing the wedding of Senator John F. Kennedy to Jacqueline Bouvier.

Race Results, 1962

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Race results from West River Sailing Club's Newsletter, August 1962 from Ellen Nell.  She notes that Morton Knight's Gay Lady won the summer series; and Frolic by Kit Hedler won the West River to Annapolis Race.  Gay Lady with John Thomas won the Annapolis Regatta.  Finishes and places are in attached article.

1954 President's Cup Results

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Results of President's Cup Regatta in the Evening Star:  1st - America skippered by Karl Statter (WRSC), 2nd - Strutaway with Tony Wells (Alexandria) and 3rd - Rainbow with Morton Knight (Alexandria).

1946 Miles River Race Results

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Race results from 1946 Miles River Regatta in Twenty Foot Round Bottom Knockabouts.  Buddy Hartge in Cutty Shark was first; H.M. Paschall in Endeavor, second; and Bill Hartge in Columbia, third.  Courtesy of Bob Hartge

1946 President's Cup Results

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Results of 1946 President's Cup Regatta as reported in the Evening Star:  Round-bottom 20s: 1st - Shamrock skippered by Delbert Zang, 2nd - Endeavor with Neileigh Parks, 3rd - Lady Luck with Jack W. Smith.

Chine 20s: 1st - Indian Maiden with Robert I. Welsh; 2nd- Lady Avon with Melvin Scheidt, and 3rd Polycon wiht J.R. Speer.