Summer Series Fun

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By by Clay Taylor
Jul 30, 2012 - 5:06:27 PM

Racers, what a great day.  Bunky Hines and Bob Blomquist joined the fleet to race this day and we were honored.  Bunky had a possy on a rescue boat to observe the races.  They cheered him on! We had seven Chesapeake 20's make it to the starting line.  The first race had a full sea breeze from the bay heading into our favorite cove in the West River.  Clay Taylor made some good moves on the upwind second lap to finish in first place.  The second race had mixed air from an overhead rain cloud which disrupted the sea breeze.  The third race was a bit mixed up with the sea breeze trying to return.  The fourth race had nice sea breeze just shy of needing the trapeze, except in gusts.

Endeavor #49  1,3,3,1 = 8 for 1st
Spirit #00/41    2,4,1,4 = 11 for 2nd
Gracie #302      3,1,4,5 = 13 for 3rd
Bunky's B #204 4,2,5,2 = 13 for 4th
Osprey #203     5,5,2,3 = 15 for 5th
Contrary #31     6,6,6,6 = 24 for 6th
Heather Childs DNS, DNS,?,? for 7th

Kit was later seen on the river for a cruise with the Bell Family, Peter, Mary and Molly.  It was alot of fun.  Mark Talbott of Mayo, MD joined Clay Taylor for his second time on a C20 and picked up the crew skills nicely including the trapeze.  Clark Austin brought some friends for a day of fun and racing and they seamed to all have a great time.  A perfect day for some fun racing!