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By Ted Weihe
Jun 26, 2008 - 7:48:18 AM




20 Racing


March 21, 2007


Official Notice of Spring

20 Meeting

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Sailing Club

4:30 PM Class Meeting;
6:00 PM Potluck Dinner


4:30 PM           Business Meeting

§         Adoption of 2007 Racing Schedule

§         New WRSC policies on Race Committee Assignments

§         Recruitment of Members to Assigned Regattas

§         Update on Fleet Expansion

§         Promotion of C-20 Class (flyer enclosed for posting at clubs, sailing schools, etc.)

§         Discussion and Adoption of Changes in Class Rules (attached)

§         Other Matters


6:00 PM           Potluck Dinner

                        Hors d’oeuvres Last name: A to G

                        Main Course                Weihe/Taylor    - spiral ham

                        Salad/Side Dishes         Last name:  H to M

                        Desserts                       Last name:  N to Z



7:00 PM           Dinner Speaker            Greg Fisher, North Sails


20 Association Fall Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2006


1.         Election of Officers:    Current slate of officers was approved for 2007:  Ted Weihe, President; Nick Schlegel, Vice President; Clay Taylor, Treasurer;  and Carol McCullough, Secretary.


2.         Race Schedule for Next Year:  Agreed to hold three away regattas at Rock Hall,

and St. Michaels.  Members liked the new format and racing at St. Michaels.  The Class will try to get more support at next year’s regatta from the St. Michael’s Museum.  Turnover of staff made arrangements somewhat difficult on use of docks, charges, etc.  There was discussion of holding the Worlds at

and Totch Hartge has agreed to take the leadership with the Tred Avon Yacht Club.


3.         Class Rules:   There was discussion of potential rules changes including restrictions on maximum beam, centerboard depth and width, fixed traveler and sail cloth.  Apparently, the class had decided to make the main traveler fixed at an earlier class meeting and grand father older wooden boats if they have an adjustable traveler.  There was discussion on new sail cloths that would look traditional, but may hold their shape longer than Dacron.  In general, the sentiment was to wait for any proposed changes until the official 10 day official notice is given. 


4.         Expanding the Fleet:  Clay Taylor and Ted Weihe are trying to expand the fleet through identifying wooden 20s that are not being sailed, or may be available for restoration.  The sentiment was that the addition of Stormy has expanded participation from club members and potential skippers interested in the class.


5.         Revisions to WRSC Parking:  The fees for parking boats at the club are being increased, but the priorities for eligibility remain the same.  Each class will be provided a free space for a club boat.  Classes will be grouped together.  Members were urged to pay for their spots promptly since space will become more limited with the addition of two man Nicra catamaran class.


6.         Race Results: Roger Link was toasted as our class champion for the year.  Ted Weihe provided race results:  C-20s held 61 races over 22 days with 14 boats racing and 21 different skippers.  Nine boats qualified for

high point
in which they participated in at least five events.  Based on top 20 finishes, Roger Link was our

high point
champion with a perfect score of 20 (all firsts).  Bob Blomquist came in second and Randy Watson, third.  Highest participation rates were: Ted Weihe with 14 events, Bob Blomquist with 13, and Clay Taylor with 12.  A correction in our records should note that Alex Schlegel raced in the Galesville Heritage Race. Winners for each of the perpetual trophies were also announced.  Results were posted on bulletin board and will be put on web site.


7.         Presentation:  Roger Link presented a wonderful slide show and commentary on his and Pam’s fabulous African safari.



Proposed Class Rule Changes

March 21, 2007


1.                  Increase Class Dues


Association dues shall be $5.00 per member per year; and boats registration fee is $20.  No boat will be allowed to receive trophies unless registered.


Proposed Change

Increase member dues to $10 and boat registration fee to $25.



Fees have not been increased in many years.  The association is incurring additional costs to promote the fleet, maintain the web site, join

with higher fees to use their facilities, mailing to members and other expenses.  Much of the C-20 association expenses are donated by class officers.


2.                  Fixed Main Traveler


Proposed Change

Main travelers must be fixed and grandfather current boats built before 1988 that currently have a moveable traveler.



This change was adopted at an earlier class association meeting but is not in our official Class Rules. 

appears to be the only pre-1988 boat with a movable traveler.  All new boats have fixed travelers based on the earlier agreement.   Our rules use 1988 for weight variations between older wooden and modern class or cold molded boats.


3.                  Grandfather Mermaid Length


Proposed Change

Adopt an exception for boat length for Mermaid permitting boat to be 20 ft and 2 inches.



Clay Taylor’s Mermaid is currently be restored by Peter Bell Jr.  It measures 20’ 2”.  The boat may have been built slightly over 20 feet, or is slightly hogged.  Mermaid is the oldest 20 that is joining the fleet; and was built prior to the adoption of our original Class Rules in 1939.