Heritage Race 2010 NOR

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Jun 3, 2010 - 8:36:14 PM


June 6. 2010

Heritage Race, WRSC, Galesville MD

The Heritage Race is our celebration of the sailing tradition on the West and Rhodes Rivers. This unique race provides a point to point racing experience that enables our participating sailors to engage in the scenic beauty and challenging sailing that these two rivers provide. Our sailors will experience effects of shorelines, wind conditions, shallows, tree lines, tides so they develop local knowledge. Developing a quick strategy based on that mornings tide and wind conditions is important for a good finish.

1. Race Start shall be 1 PM.

2. Start shall be a 5 minute rolling sequence starting sequence for the following groups in sequential order: Group 1Lasers, Albacores, 420's, Group 2 Flying Scotts Group 3 Chesapeake 20, Group 4 Multihulls. All classes other than those mentioned will start with most similar class. Three boats constitutes a class. Fleets with less than three boats will not be eligible for recognition of finish.

3. Course will be determined at skippers meeting at 12PM. The course may be different for each class. The course may be shortened due to weather conditions. The course will use natural, government and other river marks.

4. US Sailing Rules apply.

5. Two safety patrol boats are needed for any sailors in distress since the fleet my be spread out. Radios required.